Защита профилей

Before each launch, Ximera requires you to set or install a login:pass bundle to generate a crypto-token or to verify a previously generated one with existing encrypted profiles. Screenshot_10

Each login:pass bundle creates a private crypto environment for your profiles and is unique to you Screenshot_11

When you enter another crypto-link login:pass, a new working environment is created Screenshot_12

Which also works under your license key with a different set of user profiles Screenshot_13

Login password entered into the launcher to protect and encrypt profiles is an intuitive set of random data and has nothing to do with any other services and authorization systems

If the login or password is entered incorrectly (both at once), the system does not find the previously generated token and launches a completely new session for work, or if incorrect data is entered intentionally "Alarm password" Screenshot_14

A new clean encrypted environment is opened, or prepared in advance for such a case Screenshot_15

The number of encrypted containers is not limited within the purchased licenses for the use of profiles