A fundamentally new secure browser with Ximera antidetect methods:

A software package that provides safe and anonymous surfing on the global Internet allows you to quickly create unique personal identifiers for websites and tracking web applications.

The principle of operation of Ximera is based on the anonymization of users by replacing, deleting, adjusting fingerprints and soxification of browser users, as well as for secure storage and transmission of work profiles using cryptography methods.

Ximera Allows you to flexibly customize workflows for the individual needs of users and teams as a whole. The purchased license key can be used on an unlimited number of workstations, as well as hide and reveal the user's work area when entering the launcher and entering an individual [protection key] (http://wiki.ximera.pro/en/zashita-profilei) , which in turn, also does not limit the number of users

Ximera It has all the advanced features of modern antidetect browsers and offers the user the finest profile settings. The browser does not generate random values of the fingerprint function, the uniqueness of the digital profile is created from the underlying "live" variables built on the developers' own algorithms, each created profile has 100% uniqueness and passes the checks of any known trackers

Ximera It has its own data encryption module based on a one-way key that you personally install and also has the functions "Alarm login\password".

Ximera Doesn't interact with you in any way other than checking the license key for validity. The launcher communicates only with the licensing server using the crypto protocol for checking license restrictions